Our Misson

The Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU), is the officially recognized student association at the Colorado State Universtiy, Fort Collins. ASCSU is known as one of the largest and most established student organizations in the nation. In addition to controlling funding for student clubs and organizations, providing resources and student programming, overseeing commercial activities and student services including RamRide, Transfort and The Collegian in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Media Corporation, the ASCSU advocates for students on a University, local, state, and national level and represents the student body on administrative campus committees.

Put simply, the primary objective of the ASCSU is to serve students wherever possible.

“We the Students of Colorado State University hereby establish a government by the students, for the students, based upon the principles of equality and inclusivity for all, to participate fully in both its formal and informal activities; as our right to the liberty of our own education, our right to liberty of our college years, and our right to govern our own lives in the pursuit of becoming better educated peoples of the world; do establish this constitution of the Associated Students of Colorado State University.”

ASCSU Constitution
Re-written and Enacted in the year 2018

Our Leadership

The ASCSU Constitution establishes a student government with elected officials modeled after the United State’s separation-of-powers and plural elected executive governance structure.

Each year ASCSU holds a regular election to choose it’s new President, Vice President, and Speaker of the Senate. All members of the Association, that is all undergraduate and graduate students at CSU, can vote. Regular elections are held in early April. Students vote on RamWeb, which guarantees fair, transparent and proportional elections results.

The Executive Cabinet are chosen by the elected President/Vice President following their swearing in. The President and Vice President serve as the head of the Executive Branch for the entirety of the following school year.

Our History

Founded in 1917, ASCSU was the original students’ association of the Colorado State University when Fort Collins was the only CSU campus. The state of Colorado’s statutes mandate that students must review all student fees on campus for CSU. From that, ASCSU was formed. During the early twentieth century ASCSU controlled a wide range of student services- anything on campus that was not related to academics was run by ASCSU including student conduct, the student store, and all student organization services.

Today, ASCSU continues to lead the way in how students’ association represent, advocate, and serve students on campuses in the CSU system, Colorado, and the nation.

ASCSU By The Numbers