Lory Student Center

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, my name is Hannah Taylor and I'm the ASCSU president for this year. We're back with another fireside chat for the month of March.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, I'm Noah Schindler, the ASCSU vice president.

THE PRESIDENT: I'd like to start off today by talking about an update from our Office of Academics. Currently, I'm working with Deputy Director of Academics Sydney Budke, to write up and create a proposal for Faculty Council, in which, we'll be standardizing the plus minus system. As it stands currently for multi-section courses, if you're taking a class with one professor and your friends are in a class with a different professor, the professor that you're taking a class with could use plus minus while the professor that your friend is taking the class with could not use plus minus. This clearly creates discrepancies between classes within colleges and majors, so we want to standardize it across all degrees and plans. Further on that, we also want to create a system where, with a A-plus it carries a 4.3 - instead of just a 4.0 - as currently, if one receive an A-minus, they get a 3.67 or through removing an A-minus so if one gets an A, they just remain as a 4.0. Right now, we are working with the chair of the Faculty Council and multiple committees to see what our options are versus what options we presented to associate deans. We ran our ideas past the deans during our Cabinet meeting this week, as well as presenting them at Faculty Council. We're optimistic that this will workout by the end of the year.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: For a update from BSOF, the Board of Student Organization Funding, this week the members will be voting on whether they can use funding for from Rams Against Hunger as well as for a celebration for their graduating seniors. We congratulate all the seniors on that board for that milestone as well.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, congradulations. Alright, now I'd like to talk about our mental health week that we hosted. Our Deputy Director of Health Bryce Hill, put 1,100 ribbons across our school gardens, in honor and as a tribute to the 1,100 students each year that commit suicide. It was our way of building a memorial for those 1,100 students.

Can we go ahead and pull that up?

Great, let's take a moment of pause. Moving on, VP, would you like to talk about our apartment complex and landlord review system?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: As many of you remember, we ran on housing accountability and affordability during our campaign, and we brought it up during our first fireside chat. We had, still have, a deep desire to create a student only review system for off-campus housing, whether that's apartments, or houses, through which would require a student to enter their CSU issued ID in order to have the ability to write a review so when users read them, they would know that they are reading honest and transparent reviews. There are cases where landlords and building managers attempt to incentivize their current tenants to write embellished reviews of their properties, and we believe that is dishonest and non-accountable. Students should know what they are signing into before they actually sign a lease.

THE PRESIDENT: Time for some exciting news. In our housing affordability efforts, I've been working with our Office of State and Local Policy, and meeting with city staff throughout the year, and we've been talking/looking about what the options are, whether it's eliminating U+2 or implementing programs to protect renters. One of the things that was just recently passed by the city council was a resolution that will create a task force that will research what populations in Fort Collins are impacted by our occupancy limits. Members of city staff are funding this research conducted by a private research firm, and we decided to contribute $5,000 to the study wherein we added our own subsection, one that requires including a solution should City Council voted to reform/remove U+2. We are looking foward to being able to read and study the research into what U+2 currently effects as well as what the best option for renters are - whether that's rental registration, Me+3, right-sized housing, and so on. We're really excited for when they present that study with city administration. Right now, it looks like it should be early in the academic year next year, there is the hope that when it is presented, action will take place. We prefer action over talk. Further on the point of action, VP, will you want give a SFRB update?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: As the chairman of SFRB, I can tell you for certain that from all the students I've heard from, nearly all don't want to be paying more in student fees during the pandemic. We've all been forced onto the online platform, so it's been really comforting to see that SFRB has not passed any new fees, other than those required by the state government for administrative fee increases and pay pay increases. We're currently waiting on a decision with regards to the renovation of the LSC to expand the Adult Learners and Veteran Services space, as well as updating some of the heating and cooling. I will have an update for you on that next month.

THE PRESIDENT: If you have passed through the plaza during this month so far, you might have saw the tables of the campaigns runing for ASCSU next year, which personally is crazy because it feels just like yesterday that Noah and I found out that we won the election. The campaigning has been going on for the entire month of March and voting will take place on March 30th to April 1st. Remember, you as a student are given the right to vote on the ASCSU president, vice president, and Speaker of the Senate for next academic year, as well as senators from each college. The vast majority of schools do not have this privilege, so I encourage you, the student, to make your vote and voice count in who spends your money.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: If I may jump on this point, we believe that no student should be unaware of who they are casting their ballots for, so if you'd like to see more about the 2021-2022 candidates, please to our ASCSU Instagram or scroll through CTV's videos where each campaign participated in interviews. With that though, that is all from us today, thank you to all who tune in, and continue to support us and believe in us.

THE PRESIDENT: First, thank you for that, that is a good point, as well as they will be participating in debates at the end of March, so tune into those as well. We will see you all again next month. Thank you. Thank you.