Lory Student Center

THE PRESIDENT: Hello everybody, my name is Hannah Taylor and I'm currently the ASCSU President.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: My name is Noah Schindler and I'm currently the ASCSU Vice President.

THE PRESIDENT: And this is part of our commitment to transparency with the students, we're doing these monthly fireside chats to let you all know what we're doing and what progress we've made in the past month.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I mean, we had a commitment to transparency throughout our campaign and we think this is a great way to communicate our goals and know the past work that we've done throughout our term here. These will be posted on our Instagram as well as CTV's Youtube, [ASCSU's Youtube], and the ASCSU website.

THE PRESIDENT: Today we are just going to talk a little bit about our progress this past month our first month within our administration, and so Noah if you want to start us off talking about the ASCSU link on Canvas.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: We thought it was really important for students to have easier accessibility to ASCSU, right now most people aren't using RamWeb, except to update their health insurance and register for classes, so we worked with Canvas to get the ASCSU link under Quick Links on Canvas and we have a video actually that we're going to show you guys right now. Go to the Quick Links tab which is represented by the little Rams logo, and you'll see Colorado State University, then under ASCSU you can click and it'll take you to the website where you can scroll through the Executive, Judicial, and Senate branches.

THE PRESIDENT: That is one way that we have already made it more accessible for students, like you, to find out what we've been working on so far and see what we've gotten done. That's part of our commitment to accessibility. Now I want to talk about the Beer-In event that we held just a few weeks ago, during the week of October 19. What we did for the Beer-In was an event for the 52nd anniversary, where we offered 52% off of select food items at the RamSkellar, to celebrate and as well, we made a video that was posted on the ASCSU Instagram that covered what the Beer-In was, for those who have not seen it, to give a very brief overview, it was a protest against the CSU administration and lack of recognition of student voices. And so we believe that it was super important to recognize that event and celebrate it as a reminder of the importance of the student's voice. It was a great way to get to know other students and then also provide recognition of that event.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Our Director of Health has been working on an excellent flu shot initiative with the CSU Health Center. If you were to go there now, all the flu shots are free for students, plus working in and with the Health Center and launching a brand new social media campaign to promote it. We are looking for vendors right now to give thermometers away for students on campus. Our Director of Health has also been working with the pandemic team to administer COVID-19 tests on campus right over at Moby.

THE PRESIDENT: Our Office of State & Local Policy has been truly busy, from working with city stakeholders regarding U+2 policy to a suite of other community efforts. Our Director of Community Affairs and I met with the Assistant Police Chief of Fort Collins last week, got a tour of the police station, and talked about ways of collaboration and work, being that there have been several protests that numerous CSU students participated in. Correspondingly, we want to hear concerns and see if we can also educate the students on what the police department has been working on, and then talk with the police department for ways to improve and provide an area for students to express their grievances. U+2 is a big part of what the Office of State & Local Policy has been working on. My administration has been working on a strategic plan, which has been the focus for the past month. Now we've gotten some of the plans together, really attempting to take it on with a different angle, raise awareness and education on when/how the ordinance started, and how it was a racist policy as back Fort Collins was an agricultural town, U+2 was a policy against immigrants packing houses. And now, it's kind of evolved into a policy against students. So we want to raise awareness on how it started. But we likewise want to rally students to get involved in this community effort, as this has been and will continue to be one. So this month we're hoping that our plan will be solidified and that we'll be able to recruit students to help us with this effort and make some progress there. We truly believe that we have the administration and timing to make a real change, so we're excited.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Because COVID-19 was such a big campaign issue for us, our administration is working with students in quarantine as they have a really hard time being alone for 14 days, they can't go outside, they can't mingle with other people, so the SLICE office has been working to give gift baskets to any students in quarantine. But we have also been partnering with SLICE and the ASCSU Office of Health to provide sticky notes and write messages for those students in quarantine. Interestingly, on the subject of sticky notes, we are working with the inventor of sticky notes to get push this initiative forward. This is just so those students get an idea that there are people that are thinking about them while they're alone, and anything we can do to help them.

THE PRESIDENT: Looking forward, I am excited because my administration is implementing programs for more students than ever to get involved in ASCSU. One of those ways is through the classroom, with academic departments in the university. The first thing that we're working on is through our Office of Academics, a mentor program where under and upperclassmen are paired based off on their academic department, something especially helpful during this uncertain time where there's a lot of online classes and a lack of first and second-year student guidance. We want to develop a program where underclassmen are paired with upperclassmen in their major or minor where they're able to either be a mentor or be provided a mentor that's able to give guidance for professor recommendations, class assistance, course advice, and be there before registering so it's an additional resource besides the academic advisor. So our Office of Academics is currently working on that and we're hoping to launch that next semester. Then with our Office of Campus Engagement, our Director of Campus Engagement has already developed the application process for our internship program for Spring 2021, so for anyone interested in getting involved in ASCSU, wanting to apply for Cabinet, regardless if you are a first-year, second-year, or even third-year, if you want to get involved in the organization but don't know where to start, we recommend applying for the internship program, we're expecting the application is going to open at the end of winter break and we'll conduct the interviews then, and hire at the beginning of next semester. Basically how it will work is you'll be paired with an Office of your interest from your application, work directly with the directors and staff in that office. Then another way if you're interested in getting involved in ASCSU, is our BSOF Board, which is in charge of allocating University funding for student organizations this year, our Chief Financial Officer chairs that board and we have open applications until November 22, 2020.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: For those who don't know, SFRB is the Student Fee Review Board, a board where all roughly 20 seats are filled by students. The point of SFRB is to review all the fee areas that are funded by ASCSU's student money. In the fall, we meet with those fee areas and they give us a kind of tour of their facilities, as well as their programs and what they do. And then in the spring when we meet with them again, they pitch whether or not they want an increase in student fees, why do they deserve that any increase and we go through all their budgets to review where that money is going to make sure that students are getting the biggest bang for their buck. We just closed the Pacesetters Application. The Pacesetter Scholarship is a scholarship that goes to students who are above and beyond in their participation here at CSU, living a healthy lifestyle, achieving academically as well as being overly involved. It is a $4,500 scholarship that we do every year. I, along with our Office of Academics and Office of Diversity & Inclusion review those applications and decide whether we want to do a lump sum or split up the money and give it to a couple of different winners.

THE PRESIDENT: I want to talk a little bit about the Board of Governors. I attended my first meeting in early October, and because we had just begun our official term in office, I provided them with a report on our transition process, why it happened at this time of year being that the election was postponed and we also talked about the projects that are coming up. The next meeting that I'll be attending is at the beginning of December and we'll be providing an update sort of like this one, hopefully, a more updated with progress that we will have made this upcoming month. I'm looking forward to the next fireside chat, informing you, the students, of our activities but I think that's all from us today. Thank you so much for listening. We're looking forward to starting this and giving students an update on what my administration is working on.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: These fireside chats will be happening at the end of every month. And thank you, everybody. Thank you very much.