Below is the full letter sent to the Collegian concerning the false information posted by a regional social media page.

The Office of the President of the Taylor-Schindler Administration has decided to increase the pay of ASCSU Cabinet Members by 6%. We came to this decision due to several reasons listed below,

Due to a shortened term, Cabinet members' stipends were reduced by several pay periods. Even though the Taylor-Schindler Administration has a shortened term, the expectations for Cabinet members' projects and accomplishment are the same as previous administrations with a full year. Cabinet members' current job descriptions were written based off of a 1-year term, and their tasks were not reduced even though the term was shortened. Since we are exempt stipend employees, Cabinet members' pay is for the work that they do, rather than being calculated per hour. As the Cabinet has been assigned a year’s worth of work in 8 months, we believe they deserved increased compensation for their work.

It was also important to us that we align with the increased cost of living and increased minimum wage over the years. From 2017 to 2021, Colorado's minimum wage has increased from 8.31 to 12.32, which is a 33% increase over the past 4 years. This increase did not occur for ASCSU positions. The Taylor-Schindler Administration views equitable pay as crucial and opposes work without proper compensation.

The Office of the President went through the checks and balances process to go through with this act. President Taylor submitted a court opinion request to clarify the president’s powers on increasing pay that was allocated in the Senate-approved budget. Opinion 5001 stated that the President has the power to change the pay as long as it does not change the job description tasks and that the money has already been allocated in the payroll section of the budget. There are funds allocated in payroll discretionary and rollover funds for each position because of the decreased compensation this year. Chief Justice Dailey and Deputy Chief Justice Avers abstained from voting on this opinion due to a conflict of interest as members of the Cabinet.

There are rollover funds for Senate Leadership positions as well. The Office of the President supports members of the Legislative Branch Leadership team doing the same and believes it would be best for all paid members of ASCSU.